Last Updated5 November 2022

Zambia is a tropical, land-locked country in the southern part of the African continent, made up of high plateau, hills and mountains, sharply dissected by major river valleys. The mighty Zambezi River flows through the western part and forms a natural border with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe: 5 other countries also border Zambia.

The Luangwa and Kafue rivers, which are its tributaries, also form huge national parks, with a wide variety of game roaming the open dusty plains. Herds of dainty impala, the indigenous pukus, zebra and heavy buffalo roam freely, whilst in the shadows of the dense woodlands, lion, leopard and hyaena hunt on silent pads.

The visitor will be treated to the sight of herds of elephant and hippo near the water, and crocodile basking in the sun.

It is delightful to tour the Lower Zambezi National Park by boat as this is the best way to see the wildlife.

No visit to Zambia would be complete without a trip to see the magnificent Victoria Falls. Depending upon the time of year you see them, they present different aspects of breathtaking beauty – either so full of water that the experience is overwhelming to when the falls are merely a trickle. This is when the beauty of the rock comes into its own, and the dizzying drop into the abyss can be truly appreciated.

Lusaka, the capital, is a fast-growing metropolis in the centre of Zambia, and is home to many fine hotels and shopping complexes. Five star hotels in the centre, motels and guesthouses out in the suburbs, and game lodges on game reserves. Zambia has a place for everyone to stay.

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