Last Updated5 November 2022

Egypt produces such fantastic visions of historical splendour and richness, that to actually see the pyramids, tombs and temples for yourself, brings the dusty pages of history books alive before your eyes.

Giza is just one of those magical places with the three magnificent Great Pyramids silhouetted against a cerulean sky and standing nearby, in majestic splendour, the enigmatic Sphinx gazing out for all eternity over the surrounding landscape and greeting the rising sun on each new day.

Other sites well worth a visit are Luxor, where in the City of the Living huge temples sleep in the heat of the day; Karnak, just north of Luxor, which has the Precinct of Amun-Re as the only precinct of four currently open to the public; the Aswan Dam, which when flooded caused the Great Temple of Abu-Simbel to be re-located to the shores of Lake Nasser, and the sights and sounds of the capital, Cairo.

Of course Egypt is a thoroughly modern country too, with many chic, luxurious resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh, to tempt you; indeed anything from beach camps and villas to 5 star hotels, all provide excellent restaurants and shopping experiences.

There are also many marinas dotted along the Red Sea coast, offering good moorings for both private and charter yachts.

The seas are crystal clear and warm all year round, so scuba diving onto the Red Sea coral reefs is truly amazing and the colours electrifying.  The fish are almost as colourful, if not more so, than the coral, looking like brightly coloured cartoon fish.

To visit Egypt is to combine both the ancient and modern worlds into one never-to-be-forgotten  snapshot of time in your very own personal memory.

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