About Egypt
A holiday to Egypt will see you exploring a country that’s scenery is as magical as the stories of the Ancient Gods that once ruled here. Unleash your inner Indiana Jones or let loose your Lara Croft and explore dusty ruins and towering pyramids, set among the imposing desert dunes. Alternatively, if you prefer the sand to be closer to the sea, the coastline is peppered with salt-coloured beaches and cooled by the clear waters of the Red Sea.

The Red Sea is an attraction in itself and the icing on the cake for any holiday! There are spectacular snorkelling and diving opportunities, bringing you up-close-and personal with magnificent marine life such as corals and the famous Red Sea turtles. The coast’s resorts have something for everyone, from family-friendly sandy beaches, to dining with Bedouins in their desert villages.

18-33 °C

This country is a sun-seeker’s paradise, with long, warm days throughout the year.

It takes between five and five and a half hours to fly here from the UK.

Hurghada International Airport lies approximately 8km southwest of central Hurghada; Marsa Alam International Airport lies approximately 60km north of Marsa Alam.

Egypt has developed into an exciting and diverse holiday destination. Hurghada is one of the most popular resorts on the Red Sea and along with Soma Bay and Sahl Hasheesh, it boasts some of the best dive sites in the world. Some have developed over time, others are luxury purpose-built resorts such as El Gouna, with world-class golf courses and nightlife. The beautiful resort of Marsa Alam is Egypt's most up and coming resort.

Water Sports
The resorts of the Red Sea provide the perfect blend of ingredients for anyone looking for an Egypt holiday by the beach, especially if you’re a fan of water sports. Although each beach has its own unique character, what they have in common are crystal-clear waters, a fantastic year-round climate and all the facilities you'd expect from 21st century holiday resorts. Hurghada has a huge range of choice for snorkelling around the nearby reefs, as well as dives to eerie, underwater shipwrecks. The beautiful resort of Marsa Alam is home to some of the most famous dive sites in the world and a must for any undersea adventurers.

Family Fun
If you’re taking an Egypt holiday with the whole family, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to make some magical memories. Getting to grips with the Red Sea’s kaleidoscopic marine life doesn’t mean you have to get wet: go to Hurghada and catch a cruise on a glass-bottomed boat, where everyone can gaze down into the water to see multi-coloured shoals shimmering between the corals. On hot days, let the kids loose at one of the many waterparks, or take young adventurers on desert safari, spending the evening dining in a Bedouin village, before sleeping under the stars; one of just a few unforgettable experiences on your family holiday to Egypt.

Eating & Drinking
With international cuisine available across the country, there’s something to please even the pickiest of palates. At the contemporary Hurghada Marina Boulevard, fine dining means choosing from sushi to scallops with spaghetti. However, don’t pass up the chance to try the local food: you’ll find plenty of low-cost Egyptian fare at street stalls in every town. Kushari is widely considered to be the country’s national dish: a mouth-watering carb-fest featuring pasta, lentils, rice, chickpeas and a delicious tomato sauce. Shawarma, lamb kebab in flat bread, is about as authentic as it gets and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, look out for Halawa, which is often eaten at breakfast. Spend your nights sipping a cold Sakara beer in laid-back beach bars, or dancing under the stars with a fresh cocktail in one of the bars or clubs.


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Safety and Security
For up to date advice on travelling to Egypt, please visit Safety and security - Egypt travel advice

Egypt is best for...
Underwater explorers
: With over 250km of coastal reefs, there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone from green-gilled snorkelers to the most seasoned divers. The crystal-clear waters are home to over 1,200 species of fish, around 120 of which are to be found nowhere else in the world, making it one of the world’s top destinations for underwater exploration.

Beach lovers: Soaking up the sun on a powder-soft sand beach is a highlight of any holiday. While all of the beaches are stunning in themselves, there are a few jewels in the country’s crown: look out for the Sunken City of the Sahl Hasheesh Bay, El Nayzak in Marsa Alam, and Soma Bay, near Hurghada.

Active types: While there are plenty of water sports for you to get involved with on your holidays to Egypt, there’s even more on offer on land! Go rock-climbing in Dahab, kayak along the Nile; head over to Cairo and you can even go skiing on an indoor slope, complete with over 7,000 tons of snow!

Fast facts
: The primary language spoken here is Arabic, so make sure to pack a phrasebook.

Currency: The currency used here is the Egyptian pound (E£).

Local time: Egypt is 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Hurghada International Airport. Transfer times to resorts are around 30 minutes.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Egypt is around 5 hours.

Tourist information: Further tourist information can be found at www.egypt.travel.

Visa & health: Before you travel, visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/egypt for recommendations and advice on visas and health for your holidays to Egypt.

Weather and climate
: 18-33 (°C)

There's never a bad time for a holiday to Egypt; it’s always shades and shorts weather in this part of the world. There are only two distinct seasons: the hot, dry summers which fall between May and October, in which temperatures can climb to as high as 38°C, with very little chance of rain. If you’d prefer less sticky highs in the mid-20s, visit between November and April, which is considered to be winter in this sun-bleached country. Temperatures rarely drop below 20°C, even at the peak of the season.

Weather In Egypt
Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug,

Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

Getting around
By minibus
: Each resort has a good network of minibuses operating around the main towns. These usually operate on a fixed route and you can call out to the driver when you want to get off.

By taxi: It’s easy to flag down a taxi, but if they don’t use the meter, then ensure you agree a price in advance and pay only at the end of the journey.

By shuttle bus: Many hotels operate shuttle buses into town or the nearest beach.

New Year
: No matter where you're staying on your holiday, there's always a party going on at New Year; a great way to kick things off!

On the waterfront: Friday night is Marina Party night in El Gouna, with live music and dancing beside the bobbing yachts.

Ramadan: The fasting month of Ramadan is marked across the country, although it won’t be as disruptive in the resorts as elsewhere in the country. Immediately afterwards, the festivals of Eid al-Fitr, and later Eid al-Adha, are holidays when Egyptian families will often travel to resorts, so these are likely to be busier.

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