Last Updated5 November 2022

Namibia is to be found in southern Africa, on the south west coast, with the South Atlantic and the countries of Angola, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia making up its borders.

Desert is the essential makeup of this country, with the south providing an emptiness and silence to calm the most over-worked soul. Red sand as far as the eye can see, broken only by massive dunes rippled by the lonely wind which sighs around the long-dead trunks of trees, and where on the coast it has weathered the shipwrecks that are now half-buried in the shifting sands, leaving only their skeletons. The Namib Desert runs along the entire coastline, split into the Desert and the Skeleton Coast.

This is a country for watching the game. Wild horses roam the Namib at will and appear as if in dreamtime, tossing their manes in the wind, before giving way to a herd of elephants which emerge from the heat waves.

To the north, everything changes to lush green vegetation and thick bushlands. The Etosha National Park provides an impressive array of animals, with elephant and rhino mingling with impala, oryx and lion, and of course, the majestic swaying gait of the giraffe.

Windhoek is the capital city and can be found in the flat, central plateau of Namibia surrounded by rolling hills. It shows strong Germanic influences in its architecture and customs and even now in its cuisine. It is a colourful, vibrant city and a very good place in which to start your travels around Namibia, with a multitude of tours radiating from its hub.

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