Ras al Khaimah

Last Updated30 January 2023

Ras al Khaimah takes up the northern aspect of the United Arab Emirates, which are themselves on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of seven Emirates.

Well, what shall we try to day? Camel racing? Flying? Diving? Hiking? Off roading? Or just relaxing on the shimmering white sands with our feet in the crystal clear waters? Difficult isn’t it? But you can do each and every one of these activities in this Emirate which has the Hajjar Mountains to the east and the Arabian Gulf to the west.

Off roading over seemingly endless sand and rocks which morph into green plains, lush with the run-off from the soaring Hajjar Mountains where the slower pace caters for hiking. Shooting takes place at the RAK Club not far from the airport, whilst the exciting sounding camel racing takes place in the area of Al Sawan, approximately 10 miles from the centre. Flying into the blue yonder takes off from a local flying club and is in the form of microlites or powered parachutes. Not for the faint-hearted!

To slow your visit down, diving into the cool, relatively shallow waters of the Port of Mina Saqr will open a new world of startling colour in the form of clownfish, lionfish, snappers, the odd turtle and swaying, graceful anemones. Also, for the more qualified, there is diving onto the various wrecks which are dotted around the coast.

After all this activity, dinner at one of the many cosmopolitan restaurants, where you can find a wide selection of menu for the most discerning palate, and dine outdoors beneath a velvet cloak of stars while the sounds of the day retreat.

And so to bed, in one of the many luxury hotels that abound in this beautiful and friendly country.

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