United States of America

Last Updated5 November 2022

The United States of America form the third largest country in the world. It comprises of 50 states, ranging from, in the north and west, Alaska, to Maine in the east and so down to Hawaii in the south. From Alabama to Wyoming, across 9 time zones, 5 mountain ranges, 42 natural lakes, 55 man-made ones, 250,000 rivers of all widths and lengths, 9 states covered by the Great Plains, 237 main waterfalls (plus thousands of smaller ones), nearly 1,000 species of birds, over 2,500 vertebrates and just under 19,000 plant species. The historical, iconic 2,451 miles of Route 66 from Illinois to California. Plus, a population of over 311 million in 3.97 million square miles.

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