Last Updated5 November 2022

This land-locked country lies north of South Africa and is sandwiched between Zimbabwe to the east and Namibia to the west. Zambia and Angola form its northern borders. Due to its geographical layout, Botswana meets three of its neighbours at a single point mid-stream in the great Zambezi River.

85% of this country is covered in arid to semi-arid desert, the Kalahari, although when the rains come, it becomes very fertile and supports many wonderful game reserves. Springbok, hartebeest, lion, giraffe and the cheeky meerkat amongst many other species are to be found here in the world’s second largest protected reserve.

April to October (Botswana’s winter and spring) is often the best time for tourists to visit this beautiful country, as the game is easier to find as it congregates around the waterholes. Elephant are to be found throughout the day, whilst lion can be found at daybreak when it is not too hot. The days although still quite warm in winter, are noticeably cooler and the nights can produce quite a chill with a frost.

For those who like birdwatching, a trip to the beautiful Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pans National Parks provide breath-taking scenes as huge flocks of pink flamingo strut through the water and other migratory birds wheel and land. A pair of good binoculars is a must here!

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