Czech Republic

Last Updated5 November 2022

The small country of the Czech Republic is found in the middle of the European landmass and is surrounded by four other countries. It is covered with mountains, forest, hills and plateaux and provides the visitor with a wide range of terrain in which to find amusement, whether it be walking, bike riding or skiing.

Skiing in all its forms is very popular with the Czechs and there are some amazing resorts where this and other snow activities take place, such as, Železná Ruda in the beautiful Bohemian Forest (Sumava), southwest of Prague, and Cenkovice in the romantically-named Eagle Mountains (Orlické Hory) in the east.

Away from the activity, the calm of the capital, Prague, is the place people think of when they think of this enchanting country, with the imposing statue of national hero, St. Wenceslaus astride his great horse gazing out for all eternity in front of the equally imposing National Museum and State Opera House which are both well worth a visit during your stay.

Wander around the streets of this charming old city, and browse the plentiful shops which offer anything from antiques to fine porcelain and crystal, jewellery to chic boutiques; there is something for every visitor in a city which oozes culture and history out of every brick.

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