Norfolk Island

24 to 30 Hrs

Norfolk Island is a small island territory located in the South Pacific Ocean, between Australia and New Zealand. It is a self-governing territory in free association with Australia, and it has a population of around 2,000 people.

The official language of Norfolk Island is English, which is widely spoken in government, education, and business.

The currency of Norfolk Island is the Australian dollar (AUD), which is also used in Australia. It is divided into 100 cents and is abbreviated as “$” or “AUD$”.

As there are no direct flights from the UK to Norfolk Island, the flight time would vary depending on the departure city and the airline, but it would generally take around 24-30 hours with one or two stops along the way.

The time zone in Norfolk Island is GMT+11, which means it is 11 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Norfolk Island does not have its own international airport, but visitors can fly to Norfolk Island via Sydney or Brisbane in Australia, and arrive at Norfolk Island Airport, which is the main airport on the island. The address of Norfolk Island Airport is Taylors Road, Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island.

Top Local Attractions

Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area

The Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to many historic buildings and ruins from the island's colonial past. Visitors can explore the area to see the historic buildings and learn about the island's rich history.

Emily Bay

Emily Bay is a stunning beach that is known for its clear waters, white sand, and beautiful coral reefs. Visitors can relax on the beach, go swimming or snorkeling, or take a glass-bottom boat tour to see the stunning marine life.

Norfolk Island National Park

Norfolk Island National Park is a beautiful natural wonder that is home to many unique plant and animal species. Visitors can take a guided tour of the park to see the stunning landscapes and learn about the island's rich natural history.
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