Last Updated5 November 2022

Europe’s favourite alpine getaway offers more than just powdery snow and majestic mountains: this beautiful mountain country is the home of the such epicurean delights as chocolate and cheese, watches and clocks that are more masterpieces than souvenir, and the sophisticated and cosmopolitan attractions of cities such as Geneva and Zurich.

Switzerland may be neutral but it’s far from flavourless. The fusion of German, French and Italian ingredients has formed a robust national culture, and the country’s alpine landscapes have enough zing to reinvigorate the most jaded traveller.

Goethe summed up Switzerland succinctly as a combination of ‘the colossal and the well-ordered’. You can be sure that your trains and letters will be on time. The tidy, just-so precision of Swiss towns is tempered by the lofty splendour of the landscapes that surround them.

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