Last Updated5 November 2022

From Newfoundland and Labrador on the eastern seaboard to the Yukon in the west, Canada encompasses the second largest landmass in the world including the lakes.

It is a country where you can lose yourself in the mountains, backwoods or wide open spaces, yet on the same trip, enjoy the high-life in the cosmopolitan cities which offer every attraction, amenity and comfort.

The majority of the population lives within 150 miles of the American border, so this leaves swathes of land to be explored to the north, not just empty wilderness, but the stark beauty of the prairies which stretch beyond the horizon in a sea of gently waving crops, or one of the National Parks such as Banff in Alberta – Lake Louise has to be one the most spectacular sights with its peaks mirrored in the glacial stillness of the lake far below.

For those who like their home comforts, Ottawa, the capital; Toronto, the largest city; Montreal, the ‘Culture Capital’; Vancouver and Vancouver Island with the resort of Whistler nearby, offer everything you could possibly want or need in the way of culture, shopping experiences or the ‘buzz’ of just being in a city.

Indeed, Canada has just so much to offer in such a variety of choices, that to try and capture the essence of this fantastic country in just a few lines, is so difficult.

To find out for yourself, put Canada at the top of your ‘must visit’ list, and go. Soon!

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