Last Updated5 November 2022

While one of the newest land masses on earth, Iceland is steeped in history and culture, as well as having some of the most spectacular sights, from those who come to wonder at the breathtaking scenery, to those who come to unwind in the natural Spa Pools.

While containing 70% of the population, Reykjavik is by no means over-crowded. The city is a haven of bustling streets; cafes nestled by the waterfront and dominated by the towering presence of the Cathedral of Hallgrimskirkja. There is a wide selection of bars and restaurants, with the menu full of fresh fish caught daily at the ports. The locals are extremely friendly and welcoming, with a wicked of sense of humour!

An hour out from the Capital is the origins of the oldest Norwegian government, enclosed within the European and American tectonic plates. This is where the true beauty of the country begins, as the ice-capped mountains and glaciers come in to view. The surging Golden Falls is a sight to behold, as are the many Geysers, some of which erupt frequently. In Winter months you can take a coach or Super Jeep tour away from the lights of the city to witness the incredible Northern Lights – not only is this an adventure in itself, but the drivers and the vehicles make it all the more exhilarating!

The Blue Lagoon is a must see for every visitor – a day of true relaxation and pampering in the natural Hot Spring, with massages and treatments available in private pools, and silica mud that can be applied to the body.

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