Last Updated5 November 2022

On a peninsular virtually surrounded by the azure waters of the Persian Gulf, with Saudi Arabia at its back, the visitor will find the independent State of Qatar, a fossil fuel-rich country in the Middle East.

The country is mostly flat, arid and barren desert with its highest point at Qurayn Abu al Bawl at 343ft. The weather has more extremes in that the summers are very hot and humid and the winters, mild and very pleasant.

Doha, Qatar’s capital is an interesting meld of eastern and western cultures and influences, in that one may visit Suq Wagif (the Old Suq) and browse the many quaint shops for exotic oils, heady perfumes and tantalising spices as well as aromatic sandalwood and fragrant rosewater. All the smells waft across the pavements as you wander by and entice you in. The sights, sounds and smells of a the suq have to be experienced at least once in a lifetime, and are never forgotten!

Away from the capital, the visitor can partake of various ‘soft adventures’ in the form of 4×4 experiences, driving over the loose gravel and sand of the desert and spending the night in an authentic Bedouin tent, fully equipped with home comforts. Imagine eating under the stars and rising the following morning to see the spectacular sunrise, followed by a swim in the clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf, watched by a caravan of camels swaying past.

For those crave a different type of adventure, Palm Tree Island is a short boat ride away from the Corniche. This island has many attractions with a family theme for those who wish to stay close to home. The Corniche itself is a palm-lined promenade which is becoming more built upon, but boasts many 5 and 6 star hotels, fine restaurants and bijoux shopping experiences.

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