Are you planning your perfect Round the World Adventure. 
Why not choose one from our top Round the World routes and multi-stop flights or reach out and we will create one based on your preferred destinations. 
There is a difference between a round the world airfare (RTW) and a multi-stop flight created through the combination of multiple one-way tickets to create a round the world itinerary.

Round the World Airfares take advantage of airlines that work together within the various airline alliances that exist. Star Alliance, One World and Sky Team for instance. There are rules around each of these fares about travelling in a single direction around the world and travelling a certain number of miles or stops across your preferred trip. If your adventure plans coincide with one of these fares, then they are a great way to get around this planet of ours on one ticket.

Don't worry, if you preferred itinerary doesn't fit into a traditional round the world airfare alliance, that's ok. We will just create one that does!




Round the World Airfares allow you to create the adventure of a lifetime and tick off all the places you want to see in one round trip. Simply create your own itinerary and we will put it together for you. Whether you want to visit Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Canada or South America, our Round the World Planners will help you get in all the destinations you want to visit with our exclusive airfares. So you can see the world without blowing the budget. Not sure where to start? Our sample itineraries are here to give you some inspiration! You can either book one of our top routes or speak to our travel experts to make it your own.

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