Lets Talk Travel Insurance

I broke my leg horse-riding last year, had this happen back home in Stoke on Trent, I would have been looking at an ambulance, an x-ray, a cast or surgery, and a night in hospital.

Instead, it happened in on Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland years ago, a vast expanse of terribly scenic rainforest and a couple of hours awa from the nearest hospital. And I am honestly not at all sure how I would have coped without travel insurance.

It took three hours to get a doctor out from the nearest clinic, who splinted my leg with sticks and shot him up with so much Tramadol that in an hour-long jeep ride over riverbeds, gullies, and rocky fields I emitted only the single observation, “Is this what tripping feels like.”

The local hospital in Mossman did have electricity, which was nice. And the staff were lovely, which was excellent. One thing it didn't have was an x-ray machine.

As it happens, the closest medical facility with one was in Cairns, another hour and half away. Had I been any further north in the rainforest, the only sane way to extract me would have been by helicopter.

For a pilot, a co-pilot, a doctor and a paramedic to make the 4-hour round trip could of cost our insurers over £20,000.

If I hadn't had fully comprehensive travel insurance? Well, I would have been looking at thousands of pounds of medical expenses.

Most importantly, however, as the rural clinic had splinted my leg so tightly my muscles were spasming and his blood flow was restricted, it's quite likely I could have ended up with permanent nerve damage.

If you are thinking of going without travel insurance? DON'T, just go buy it.

Hopefully, you'll never have to claim on it, but if you do need it, you'll really need it.


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