Paying for your trip

A round the world airfare can usually be held for a minimum of 3 days or so, but it can also be up to a few weeks depending on the itinerary, your departure date and the agency looking after your trip. Some agencies require a non-refundable deposit or even an itinerary planning deposit which can be anywhere from £75 to £375 per person or even 10% of the flight cost (whichever is more.

Payments to any travel agency should always be made via credit card at the very least, and never ever by direct bank deposit or cash regardless of the amount. A credit card fee even for business class round the world airfares may be excessive, but they will protect you in the unlikely event of the travel agency collapsing before your trip has begun, or worst case while you are travelling.

If the past 3 years and covid has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.


Hint #1

After any deposit or itinerary planning fee is paid, you should be e-mailed a booking confirmation with full flight details of your trip along with the final costings including taxes. Make sure they include their terms and conditions and take the time to read them thoroughly.

It’s wise to check the trip details thoroughly to ensure that everything is as you wish it to be, this includes the names and how they are spelt, you wouldn’t believe how many times a ticket has been issued only to find out that Steve is actually David Steven on his passport.

Remember, It is very easy to change things before the tickets have been issued, once they are before departure you will be charge to reissue them along with any fare difference if the dates need to be adjusted.

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