Open Dated

I want to book a round the world airfare because it’s open dated Round the World Airfares / Alliances / Tickets certainly offer good flexibility and value for money, allowing you to see more for often similar or less than the cost of a return ticket. Like return tickets though, dates for each leg are booked in advance and change fees are in place for future amendments. Change fees along with seat selections, baggage and even food and entertainment fees are a big part of the airlines profit in the current climate with fare pricing not really changing in tandem with inflation over the past 10-15 years. It’s best to have your dates firm where you can and avoid paying those penalties by the airlines. On a positive note, with changing a round the world airfare, you are able to change multiple legs on at the same time and is covered by the one change fee [subject to availability in your tickets booking class]. There are also fares with minimal change fees when booking the more inclusive OneWorld ® / Star Alliance style fares.

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