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Booking economy and upgrade with frequent flyer points, upgrading with frequent flyer points is a bit of a mirage for most travellers. While we see a lot of people earning points with credit cards and many wanting to use them to upgrade to business class. Unfortunately, that is not a realistic option without maintaining a high-status frequent flyer account. Airline upgrades are primarily based on frequent flyer status, rewarding those who spend the most time in the air with them. Also, you need to pay upfront for an ‘upgradeable’ airfare which generally rules out all discount level pricing. For Gold and Platinum frequent flyers this may be something worth considering but for Bronze or Silver members it is very unlikely you will receive a confirmed upgrade with so much competition from high tier frequent flyers.

Round the World Airfares can use your FF points to achieve other return sectors within a traditional RTW Airfare, ask you RTW Expert® for more details on this option.

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