11 to 12 Hrs

Réunion is an overseas department and region of France located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. The island is known for its stunning natural beauty, including volcanic peaks, lush forests, and coral reefs.

The official language of Réunion is French, as it is an integral part of France. However, Réunion also has a creole language known as Réunion Creole, which is spoken by many of the island’s inhabitants.

The currency used in Réunion is the Euro (EUR), which is the same as the currency used in mainland France.

The flight time from the UK to Réunion is approximately 11-12 hours, depending on the airline and route taken.

The local time in Réunion is currently 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3).

The main airport in Réunion is Roland Garros Airport (RUN), which is located in the island’s capital city of Saint-Denis. The address for the airport is:

Aéroport de la Réunion Roland Garros Félix Eboué 97438 Sainte-Marie Réunion

Top Local Attractions

Piton de la Fournaise

Piton de la Fournaise is one of the world's most active volcanoes and a major tourist attraction on the island of Réunion. Visitors can hike to the top of the volcano, explore the lava tubes, and witness the spectacular eruptions.

Cirque de Mafate

The Cirque de Mafate is a natural amphitheater located in the heart of Réunion's rugged mountains. The cirque is only accessible on foot or by helicopter, making it a unique and secluded destination for hikers and nature lovers.

Le Maido

Le Maido is a scenic viewpoint located in the western part of Réunion. Visitors can take a scenic drive to the top of the mountain and enjoy panoramic views of the island's rugged coastline and lush greenery.
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