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Turkmenistan is a country located in Central Asia. Its capital city is Ashgabat, and it shares borders with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. Turkmenistan’s official language is Turkmen, which is a Turkic language spoken by the majority of the population. Russian and Uzbek are also spoken by some people in the country.

The currency of Turkmenistan is the Turkmenistan manat (TMT), which is divided into 100 tennesi. The exchange rate between the TMT and the British pound (GBP) can fluctuate, so it’s best to check the current rate before traveling to Turkmenistan.

The flight time from the UK to Turkmenistan can vary depending on the specific departure and arrival cities, as well as any layovers or connecting flights. However, a direct flight from London to Ashgabat typically takes around 6-7 hours.

The local time in Turkmenistan is 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+5). This means that when it is noon in London, it is 5pm in Ashgabat.

Turkmenistan’s main international airport is Ashgabat International Airport, which is located in the capital city of Ashgabat. The address of the airport is:

Ashgabat International Airport Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy şaýoly Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Overall, Turkmenistan is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture, and visitors can explore everything from ancient ruins and traditional markets to modern museums and impressive monuments.

Top Local Attractions

Darvaza Gas Crater

Also known as the "Door to Hell," this natural gas crater located in the Karakum Desert is a sight to behold. The crater has been burning continuously for over 40 years and creates a stunningly surreal and otherworldly atmosphere. The distinctive reason to visit the Darvaza Gas Crater is to witness this unique natural wonder and experience the thrill of being close to the flames.

Ancient City of Merv

Located in southeastern Turkmenistan, the Ancient City of Merv was once one of the most important cities on the Silk Road. Visitors can explore the ruins of the city and see some of the most well-preserved structures from the Islamic Golden Age, including the Great Kyz Kala and the Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum. The distinctive reason to visit the Ancient City of Merv is to experience the rich history and culture of Turkmenistan and witness the impressive architecture and engineering of the Islamic civilizations that once thrived there.


The capital city of Turkmenistan is known for its impressive architecture and modern design. The city has numerous marble-clad buildings and monuments, including the Monument of Neutrality, which features a gold-plated statue of the country's former president. The distinctive reason to visit Ashgabat is to experience the unique blend of modernity and tradition in Turkmenistan and witness the country's ambition to become a major player on the global stage.
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