Last Updated5 November 2022

Fiji, and its islands, which amount to 332, with approximately 110 inhabited and up to 500 islets, sits in the part of the Pacific Ocean called Oceania, about two-thirds of the way between New Zealand and Hawaii.

Its climate is tropical marine, with very slight temperature changes between the seasons. Its topography consists of mountains of volcanic origin, the highest of which is Mount Tomanivi at 4,341 feet on the island of Viti Levu. This is one of the largest inhabited islands, the other being Vanua Levu. The population is to be found mostly on the Viti Levu coasts, in small villages or in Suva, the capital and largest city of Fiji, the interior being largely left to nature due to its terrain.

Fiji is like a party that caters for all interests. Sun-drenched beaches with sparkling waters lapping white sands. Coral reefs to dive upon, crystal clear lagoons to swim lazily in and the deeper blue of the translucent waters to fish in. Not all the entertainment is on the coast though, with walking, backpacking and exploring being just a part of an adventure holiday. And of course, you can’t think of Fiji and not think of their national game – rugby, with some of their international players taking a part in the English club scene.

To finish your day, picture sipping your cocktail whilst watching local dancers and singers entertain you on the beach as the sun dies in a blaze of crimson glory over the silhouettes of the palm trees, and sinks into the cerulean sea, to end one of many perfect days.

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