Last Updated5 November 2022

France has the distinction of being the largest country in western Europe, the most visited in the world and is the gateway to the rest of Europe to the north and east, and to Spain in the south.

Its terrain caters for everybody in that the land ranges from the plains and hills of the coast in Normandy and Brittany to the river valleys of the Loire and on to the highest peak of Mont Blanc in the Alps, so providing a very broad canvas for walking, water sports, winter sports and general relaxation.

The entertainments this country can offer are boundless, from the sophistication of Paris with the Louvre, the mighty Eiffel Tower and the Pompidou Centre via the chateaux of the Loire valley from Sully-sur-Loire to Nantes showing the visitor into another world of bygone elegance and on to the relaxed atmosphere of the south coast and the warmth of the French Riviera at Nice and Cannes and their beautiful promenades and sandy beaches.

Food, of course, has to be mentioned when thinking of France, with cafes and restaurants in the villages, towns and cities offering regional food par excellence, using locally sourced produce, so each region has its own unique style of cuisine.

Finally, how can one think of France and not think of their wines? So many different grape varieties, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Syrah, Chardonnay to Viognier, from Champagne in the north to Languedoc Roussillon and Provence in the south.

France is a country which has to be experienced with all the five senses, each sense tantalising the next. Vive la France!

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