Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic ticket?

Will I need visas?

How much money will I receive back for my refund?

How long will my refund take to process?

Can I make a special meal request?

Can I cancel my remaining flights?

How do I reconfirm my flights?

Will I need vaccinations?

Will I need my passport details to make a booking?

How do I make a new booking?

What check-in desk should I go to at the airport?

Can I use my Frequent Flyer points?

Can I add my Frequent Flyer number to my booking?

What is my baggage allowance?

Can I book my flight with you if I live outside the UK?

How important is it to speak the language?

How can I find out which destinations are safe to travel to?

Can you help with volunteering?

Do I need to take out travel insurance?

Do you only book flights?

What are taxes and why do I have to pay so much for them?

Can I leave my dates open?

How long can I travel for?

Can we take a different trip from those outlined on your website?

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