About Thassos
With stretches of fine golden sands, a rich history, and quaint local tavernas, holidays to Thassos are nothing short of idyllic. It’s the perfect trip for anyone wanting to explore an authentic side to Greece. Known as the ‘Emerald Isle’, you can expect gorgeous landscapes of green forests and olive groves.

The best time to holiday in Thassos is August. The average sea temperature is a delightfully warm 25°C, perfect for a quick dip. Plus, you can enjoy as many as 13 hours of beautiful sunshine. Perfect for taking in all the sights Thassos has to offer.

It takes roughly four hours to fly here from the UK. You’ll arrive at Kavala International Airport (KVA), which is situated on the mainland just north of Thassos.

On the east-coast, you’ll find golden stretches of fine sand beaches in Pachis. It offers shallow blue-green waters for kids to enjoy in the day, while parents can make the most of the local beach bars and fish restaurants at night. For those looking for an escape from the bustle of the livelier resorts of Thassos, the smaller village of Gilkadi is perfect thanks to its long beach which boasts a backdrop of a lush green forest.

Fall in love with Thassos’ hidden coves on a boat trip around the Greek island. You can spend your time soaking up the sun on Golden Beach, or if you’re feeling active, visit the watersports centre and hire a jet-ski. Venture into the capital, Limenas, to explore remnants of the island’s past at the Archaeological Museum. Or catch a bus to the ancient village of Theologos, and walk through its cobbled streets to the white-stone Agia Paraskevi church, where you’ll find the famous wax figure of the Virgin Mary. Then end your day by the harbour in one of the traditional tavernas to enjoy classic seafood dishes like liokafto or sea bream.

Dyonissos theatre in Limenas
With sights dating back to 500 BC, you’ll find plenty of historical attractions in Thassos to explore. Known as “The Athens of the North”, start your journey back in time at the capital, Limenas. Dig deep into the island’s rich past at the archaeological museum, before making your way through the town’s narrow streets to the remnants of Dyonissos amphitheatre. There you’ll also find the remains of the acropolis, while taking in views of the town. Head south east to the cliff top Archangelous Monastery to look out to the picturesque Aegean sea and then down to the ruins of Aliki, to marvel at the precious marble rocks from the former Byzantine quarry.

St Archangel Michael Monastery
With mountains of pine forest trees and olive groves, it’s no wonder that Thassos is nicknamed the ‘Emerald Isle’. Here you’ll find an abundance of wildlife like the rare white-tailed eagle, to partridges and doves, making bird-watching one of the popular attractions in Thassos . After climbing the island’s tallest peak, Mount Ipsarion, enjoy a day or two in the mountainside village of Panagia with its natural springs. Then, just outside of Maries, follow the clear water steam by foot or bike to discover several small waterfalls on the forest trail before reaching Thassos’ only lake.

Ancient Ruins, Aliki Beach
Dotted all around the coast, you’ll never be too far from a beach in Thassos. Head to the famous Golden Beach, home to the island’s longest stretch of sand. The shallow waters make the perfect conditions for children to paddle and play, while the views of the bay can be enjoyed from the many beachfront tavernas. South of Pachis, you’ll discover the quieter Skala Rachoni, offering every water sport attraction in Thassos, from banana boats to kayaking. But for those looking for a tranquil place to take in the rays, escape to the hidden Saliara bay with calm waters and marble-white sand.


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Safety and Security
For up to date advice on travelling to Thassos, please visit Safety and security - Greece travel advice

Thassos is best for...
History buffs:
 Take a walk back in time and explore the island’s many historical attractions. From striking 12th century churches to the ruins of the Old Town, you’ll be blown away by how well they've preserved the local history.

Nature enthusiasts:Hike through the green forest adorning the mountains and spot exotic wildlife on your travels. There are tons of fabulous trails for you to enjoy including Marble Bay and around Panagia.

Beach lovers: You’ll be spoilt for choice with the many sandy bays located around the island, and the hidden coves dotted around the place. Be sure to visit Golden Beach. Surrounded by dense, luscious vegetation that reaches right down to the sea; you'll never have seen anything so beautiful. Plus, if you're into water sports, this is a great place to go, making it an all-around must-visit.

Foodies: Thassos is home to culinary delights for you to enjoy. It's a fabulous place for trying authentic Greek foods you've never tried before. Explore the tiny villages and traditional local tavernas and eat alongside the locals.

Fast facts
The language spoken in here is Greek.

Currency: The currency used in Thassos is Euros (€).

Local time: It’s two hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Kavala Airport on the mainland. The transfer time to Thassos is approx. one hour, subject to local waiting times. This includes a 15-minute coach to Keramoti Port and a 40-minute ferry journey to Thassos town across the Aegean Sea.

Flight time from the UK:The flight time to Troulos is four hours.

Tourist information: Further Thassos tourist information can be found here

Visa & Health: Before you travel, visit Greece travel advice for recommendations and guidance on both visas and health for Thassos holidays.

Weather and climate
 you can expect sunny highs of 28°C and lows of 10°C.

Best time to visit: August. You can enjoy a pleasant average sea temperature of 25°C as well as 13 hours of beautiful sunshine every day.

Make the most of the long sunny days during the summer months, and soak in everything this beautiful place has to offer. Go for a swim, try your hand at water sports, or, just lounge on the beach and soak up the sun.

Getting around
By bus:
With frequent services from the bus station, you can take a tour of the island from as little as two euros a ride. You can explore the entirety of the island’s coastline and visit all the inland villages.

By car: Cruise around the island by car. You’ll find plenty of hire companies in your resort.

By taxi:Taxis are great for getting around, especially at night. Head to the taxi rank on the waterfront of Limenas or by the main bus stop in Potos.

By taxi boat: Hop on one of these to travel to the more isolated beaches on the island. These can’t be reached by car, which is where a ride on a taxi boat really comes into its own.

By bicycle: You can hire a basic bicycle from Limenas. Or, if you rather a higher quality model, rent a bike from Velo Bike Rental in Potos. This region is located towards the southwest coast.

 The streets of Thassos come alive during the last weekend before Lent every year. Festivities kick off in the quaint village of Potamia on a Friday evening. This is the first of many delights leading up to the grand parade on Sunday. This rounds off the festivities with a bang. You can expect locals dressed in colourful costumes, serving plates of delicious Greek food well into the night.

Summer festival: Immerse yourself in Thassian culture and join in the summer-long celebration that captures the entirety of the island. From live music performances by local Folklore musicians to traditional Thassian weddings, you’ll enjoy plenty of events that highlight the best of this island's traditions.

Religious feasts and festivals: August 15th is the most significant celebration in Thassos. This is the feast day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In Panagia village, after the religious procession of the Virgin Mary icon, everyone gathers together in the square to eat local foods, drink freshly brewed wine and celebrate.

Easter: On Easter Monday, the locals of Kalyvia enact an ancient custom named “Yia vrex Aprilim.” This is where they call out to God for rain in April. This is important for ensuring the health of their vineyards; they dance and they pray. It's a beautiful religious spectacle. Then, on the second day of Easter, the people of Theologos move the icon of the resurrection scene from a tiny local church to the beautiful monastery of Archangel Michael. They spend the entire night in the monastery's garden and then proceed to bring the icon back the next day.

Ancient Drama Festival: The Festival of Ancient Drama takes place in the Ancient Theatre of Limenas. Try catching one of the various concerts and old Greek plays hosted here between July and August. They're worth watching if you're after a fun-filled evening on Thassos Island.

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