About Corfu
Sandy beaches, sleepy villages and some of the best nightlife in Greece; Corfu holidays have all the bases covered for couples and families alike. Hidden among olive groves, cypress trees and wild flowers are a host of beautiful resorts like Roda, with welcoming hotels and beaches galore. Experience the island’s vibrant colours as you stroll through Corfu Town’s cobbled streets and pass by pastel-coloured architecture. The purple-pink sunsets will take your breath away. From north to south, east to west, there’s plenty to explore on the Emerald Isle, the greenest, most luscious island in the North Ionian Sea.

10-25 °C

The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm, bright summers and mild winters.

3 hours from the UK

Corfu International Airport, "Ioannis Kapodistrias" (CFU), is a 10-minute drive from Corfu Town.

Located on the north coast of Corfu, Sidari is popular with families and couples for its untouched, natural beauty. Sugar-coloured rock formations leading into the sea create lots of little isolated beaches giving you that holiday V.I.P. feel. Close by, you’ll find the charming fishing village of Aghios Stefanos. Its golden beach is nestled by lush scenery on the one side and drenched by the calm Adriatic Sea waters on the other. Or, if you’re looking for a buzzing post-exam paradise, Kavos is your place. From 90s floor-fillers to the best House music and Dubstep around, you’ll never want to leave.

Whether you want exploration, relaxation or a night on the tiles, holidays to Corfu offer something for everyone. Head along the winding mountain pass to Mount Pantokrator in north-eastern Corfu to reach the highest point of the island. You can explore the traditional villages hidden amid the steep slopes on your way up to the summit. Elsewhere, you can get a real feel for the island’s history and culture; explore its rich Greek, Venetian, and British heritage with a tour of age-old castles and fortresses. After dark, one of Europe’s top clubbing resorts comes to life in a big way; Kavos is absolutely brimming with lively bars and restaurants for your enjoyment. Or head a little further up to the coast to Ipsos and Dasia for a more relaxed evening.

Day Trips
When you’re ready to get out of the pool, you can prepare for a round-the-island adventure. For eager explorers, a jeep safari up to the island’s highest point is on the cards. You’ll make your way past the island’s oldest mountainside villages in ultimate 4x4 comfort, before reaching Mount Pantokrator. From here you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the island and the coasts of Albania and Italy that you’ll remember forever. Or you can cool off with the family for a family-friendly day out at one of Europe’s biggest water parks. 15 adventure pools, family rafting and a host of exciting rides await at Aqualand.

Local Heritage
A cultural highlight of Corfu Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is the Old Venetian Fortress, built in the early 15th century. Explore the maze of tunnels, bridges, and secret passages before taking in the panoramic views over the historic Old Town. You can also head for the majestic Mon Repos Palace in Kanoni, which dates back to 1826 and has been a royal retreat for centuries. The classic colonial-style architecture reflects the island’s rich British heritage.

If partying is a top priority, Kavos is the place for you. A long strip of clubs and bars await, with strobe lights and DJ booths galore. Grab a quick bite to eat at one of the many Tex-Mex restaurants, or how about a Greek souvlaki at a local kebab house? The morning after the night before calls for a lazy day on Kavos beach, which measures five miles from end to end. If you want a blend of traditional Greece and vibrant nightlife, head for Sidari. Karaoke, bingo, quizzes, and outdoor films await, along with classic Greek nights with plenty of plate-smashing for your entertainment!


  • Arillas
  • Kassiopi
  • Kavos
  • Roda
  • Sidari


  • Clubbing
  • All inclusive
  • Family
  • Beach
  • Package
  • Last minute Summer

Safety and Security
For up to date advice on travelling to Corfu, please visit Safety and security - Greece travel advice

Corfu is best for…
 Discover miles and miles of green countryside while taking in some of the island’s famous historic sights.

Scuba divers: Explore the deep under the wing of a PADI-approved instructor and see the true beauty of the Ionian Sea with your own eyes.

Nature lovers: Head to the resort of Sidari to see the sandstone rock formations sculpted by the wind and waves, on the Canal d’Amour beaches.

Fast facts
The language spoken is Greek.

Currency: The currency used is the Euro (€).

Local time: Corfu is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Corfu International Airport. Transfers take betwen 20 minutes (Corfu Town) and 2.5 hours (Arillas), depending on your resort. Kavos is 1.5 hours away.

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Corfu is 3 hours.

Tourist Information: Find more tourist information at www.corfuvisit.net

Visa & Health: Before you set off on your holiday, visit Greece travel advice for recommendations and advice on visas and health.

Weather and climate
10-25 (ËšC)

In peak summer months (July and August), temperatures average a glorious 32ËšC during the day and 18ËšC when the sun goes down. The sun stays out for about 12 hours a day, and it’s more than warm enough to enjoy dinner on the terrace. For a slightly cooler climate, visit in spring or autumn when temperatures sit comfortably in the mid-teens to low 20s. Winter on the island is relatively mild, too, but watch out for rain in November; it’s the wettest month of the year.

Getting around

By car/scooter hire:You can easily make your way around the island when you hire a car or scooter. There’s also the buggy option for real thrill-seekers. Watch out for the potholes, though, especially if you take some of the more remote mountain roads!

By bus:The local bus service runs frequently to and from Corfu Town to the rest of the island. It’s affordably priced and simple to spot: keep an eye out for blue buses that run in Corfu Town and its outskirts, and the green ones that operate around the rest of the villages and resorts. Simply flag them down at the roadside.

By boat:Take advantage of the child discounts offered by most boat trips; tickets are up to half price for children and free for infants.

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