China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Last Updated5 November 2022

Set among beautiful natural surroundings, with the city itself centred around Victoria Harbour, it would be hard to find a more exciting place than Hong Kong. As a result of its Cantonese origins and its long-term British influence, it is a city with multiple personalities. Hong Kong’s frenetic pace is balanced by its lush greenery and hiking trails. The upscale shopping malls and boutiques, world-class cuisine and convenient transport are enhanced by the quick customer service.

It is only in Hong Kong that luxury restaurants, street-side food stalls known locally as dai pai dong, grand mansions and penthouses, tenements, office blocks, wooden boats and huge liners coupled with English in a variety of accents and multifarious Chinese dialects coexist peacefully. Away from the excesses of noise, lights and action of urban life in the city, there is a Hong Kong that is deserted beaches, wild walks over the hills, bird sanctuaries and dolphin watching.
Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl, is simply amazing!

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